Alter Ego Bedroom Amelia


Actress Ava Gardner symbolizes the golden years of forties old school cinema. Her strong, polished onscreen persona was matched by her dalliances with Hollywood’s leading men.
Setting Ava takes her cue from the silver screen, quite literally: duvet cover set Silver Stitch seduces with Egyptian cotton percale in a luxurious 500 thread count and is framed by silver lurex embroidery. Cushion Palace is a dream in sequined jade and matte gold. Showtime!

Detail livingroom Ava with plaid knitted mohair and leather cushions
Bedroom Ava by Mrs.Me
duvet cover set Silver Stitch White
Silver Stitch
duvet cover set
cotton percale 500 thread count
silver lurex stitching
neckroll cover Silver Stitch
Silver Stitch
neck roll cover
cotton percale 500 thread count
silver lurex embroidery
Cushion Dexter Sand
plain fabric cushion
memory taffeta
45 x 60 cm
Chester Palace Jade
plain fabric cushion
30 x 60 cm
Cushion James Olive
James Olive
leather cushion
long haired cowskin
30 x 60 cm